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Content Management System - vCMS

What is vCMS?

vCMS is an Enterprise Content Management System which is user friendly, intuitive and powerful website management tool packed with clever features. It provides procedures to manage complete workflow and version management capabilities in a collaborative environment.

What are the benefits of using vCMS

Below is a list of benefits our CMS will provide to an organization.

Total Control - No one knows your business better than you do and no one knows what you want to say about your organisation, how you want the content to look, more than you. vCMS gives you direct and complete control over the content on your website using a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor.

Fresh Content - Sites that change and update their content on a regular basis not only give your business the appearance of being alive and more active, but search engines give higher emphasis on new and fresh content. vCMS allows you to keep the content up to date and fresh.

Secure Content - vCMS stores the information in a database system where access to the content is restricted strictly to the website only. Information is only accessible via the CMS and protects the website content from common and standard web attacks.

Opens up communication channels - Whether you're a retailer with an on-line catalog, a small business looking to grow, a writer looking for exposure, or any business or organization seeking to maximize chances for success, vCMS opens up new ways to communicate with your audience.

Collaboration - vCMS is incorporated with a fully functional work flow engine which facilitates the collaborative efforts of users in creating, editing and approving content before it gets published.

Users and Permissions - vCMS comes with great options for new user accounts and user permissions. Users can be assigned one or more roles, and each role can be set up with permissions that allow users to view and create content only what the administrator permits.

Dashboard - vCMS has a great dashboard feature which provides users with personalised dashboard pages similar to Google or Yahoo showing the most recent activity on the website .