Medical Underwriting System - vUnderwrite

Features of vUnderwrite

  • Create unlimited questionnaires to support all your existing and planned products
  • Set up and manage the exact criteria for each questionnaire; making changes whenever you need
  • Determine the rules to either accept or decline a policy for an applicant
  • View all activity on a user-friendly dashboard
  • Set up automatic transfer of underwriting data into policy administration system
  • Access for IFA firms to view and manage cases belonging to their firm
  • Set individual user access levels; enable your users to view just their cases or all cases submitted by their Organisation

Benefits of vUnderwrite

  • Automate a very time-consuming process
  • Support your clients with a 100% online presence
  • Manage risk by setting the rules for your questionnaires
  • Automation reduces cost by allowing your underwriters to focus on the most complex cases, increasing the turn-around time of applications
  • Reduce the administration time involved with automated communication

Contact Us

Please call 01242 221848 or email to discuss our medical underwriting system, and how it can revolutionise your business.