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Features of vSell

Flexible design templates

Our experienced designers can create stunning templates which will provide consistency throughout your website, whilst also giving you the flexibility to change your website as and when you need. Our websites have inbuilt SEO for product and non-product pages.

User-friendly interface

View sales information, stock levels and sales reports from one, easy to use interface, with any changes to the website and inventory instantly displayed. vSell integrates with our vChannel multi-channel reseller software and shows combined inventory and sales information across multiple sites such as Amazon and eBay, alongside your eCommerce website.

Detailed product options and promotions

Upload an unlimited number of products without incurring any additional costs. Promotions and sales can be applied instantly to products, categories or across your product range. Each product has inbuilt SEO fields which help search engines to find and list your products.

Intelligent product information

Take complete control of how you classify your products by setting your own product categories and product attributes, with an unlimited number of bespoke attributes available.

Smart product categorisation aides effective search results when customers are searching for types of products on your website, this includes the ability to add associated and misspelt search terms.

Intelligent customer data functionality

Understand customer buying habits through advanced customer segmentationand reporting; create and export reports based on customer demographics, shown in figures and charts.

Cross-sell to your current and potential customers through cross-selling promotions; link products within vSell which your customers may be interested in when browsing your site. These linked products will appear on the designated product page and can be changed as required.

A variety of hosting options

Varistha offers a range of hosting options according to your needs; we offer a fully hosted solution for smaller businesses or exclusive installation for medium to large businesses. Contact us at to discuss the options available and their relative merits.

Benefits of vSell

Reflect and maintain your branding

The 'backend' of vSell is our Content Management System;vCMS, which gives you complete control over updating all content and the design of your website. Reflect developments in your brand and sector, with all changes instantly visible. No waiting for external agencies to fit in your requested changes; you keep your website up to date.

Time-efficient SEO

Ensure your website is highly rated, without employing a stand-alone SEO application. All our pages have inbuilt SEO functionality, enabling you to optimise each page at the same time as creating your products.

Understand yourcustomers

Access in-depth analysis of your customers’ buying habits through the vSell reporting function. Adjust your product range, pricing structure and promotions to optimise your sales, and align your organisation to your customers’ needs.

Maximise your reach with vChannel integration

Sell on multiple channels and in multiple marketplaces, whilst managing all stock inventory and sales through your vSell interface.vChannel offers access to channels such as Amazon and EBay in marketplaces in Europe, North America and Asia.

Chose the website hosting option which meets your business needs.

One size does not fit all; we offer different hosting solutions to suit the needs of different organisations; from bespoke installations for larger websites to a fully hosted service for smaller websites. Choose, and pay for, the most suitable option for your business.

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