Quote Engine - vQuote

Features of vQuote

  • vQuote is used by clients in house, and also by external insurance agents
  • Integrate with your direct quote pages and external insurance portals
  • Clients control setting and changing their quote acceptance criteria (the basis of whether a quote is accepted or not)
  • Create products and manage product attributes
  • vQuote is built on ORIGO Standards
  • For every quote a branded Quote Illustration PDF file is produced
  • Designated Advisor centre to track quotes and monitor applications once a quote has been offered
  • Possible integration with vUnderwrite, Varistha’s medical underwriting software, which automates the underwriting process

Benefits of vQuote

  • Provide instant decisions to applicants, based on criteria you set and manage
  • Introduce new products to the marketplace quickly
  • vQuote is a robust software package which meets the strict ORIGO Standards framework
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your workforce; vQuote automates processes with instant results
  • Present a professional image with branded Quote Illustrations and Quote webpages which work seamlessly with your existing website
  • vUnderwrite, our underwriting system can be fully integrated with vQuote to further automate the process

Client Success

vQuote implemented in conjunction with vUnderwrite have resulted in one of our clients generating 734,000 quotes in one month for income protection insurance and receiving over 500 new business applications. Integrating vQuote with the key insurance quote portals, and the client's website enables our client to extend their reach and increase their presence in a very competitive marketplace. 



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