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Logo design

It all starts with an eye catching logo. It is probably one of the most important aspects of a client's business. Within seconds the logo can convey a message and in a blink's eye a customer decides whether to engage, be curious or not. And there all kinds of factors we consider at Varistha when designing a logo that's right for you. It's not just about the font, the shapes, the selection of colours, sharp lines and angles. We like to take things one step further - a great logo also has tone, emotion, impact or softness. A logo must stand out amongst it's competitors and proudly sit on high street signage, a website and all types of marketing literature.

Our process will involve you at every step and we provide 6-12 professional concepts. Each logo is given a brief review and then we embark on a process to finalise a master version. At each step of the journey we listen to you and will provide guidance on the law of logo design.

After the logo is ready we supply artwork in suitable formats which can be used for high quality printing, on screen devices, billboards, vans, pens, t-shirts and so on. The logos can be scaled from a tiny mark on a pen to the side of a tall building.

To compliment the logo we can provide brand guidelines showing you how the new logo design should be used across all of your marketing material. We can provide business cards, letterheads, template word documents to be sent via email and a logo guidebook.