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A half glass full approach during Covid in business

A half glass full approach during Covid in business

Published on 29 Oct, 2020

It’s been six months since we as the United Kingdom went into an official lockdown. Often you hear in this period about the different types and aspects of a ‘new normal’ and the new way of doing things. During this time, we’ve also seen a real togetherness in fighting for whatever part of the aspect of life together. Whether that’s been the undeniable support for the NHS, the furlough scheme to help businesses and their employees through the struggle and hardship that was facing it. We had the eat out to help scheme which helped both businesses, employees and people who wanted to get away from their homes. Sports matches which returned on TVs, all restoring a bit of happiness and mental well-being to everyone at home. So, during a real tough time, maybe the toughest we’ll ever face, there’s every reason to be positive in one way or another.  

Here at Varistha we always look on the positive side of things, and as a problem-solving business, we are always finding a solution. We apply these measures in such when a new (or existing) customer needs help with their software and web development we have a brilliant team exhausting every avenue to find that solution and make everyone satisfied. It may only be a very vague comparison, but the mindset is completely the same. During the pandemic, we have been making every strive to help our clients with their problems and believing there are nothing we can’t fix.  

Covid has affected the business and economic industry to levels beyond quick repair. Businesses are now forced to adapt to the new conditions that we are faced with. Shops, and stores, in most respects, are becoming outdated, whilst the age of technology and software coming through. We ourselves have just moved from our offices to work from home and have made the different adjustments necessary to stay close as a team and ensure that we are just as efficient.   

It’s been a strange and scary time for everyone during the pandemic, but we still believe there’s a lot to be positive about.  

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