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Ecommerce Solution - vSell Ecommerce Solution - vSell Ecommerce Solution - vSell

What is vSell?

The vSell ecommerce solution – everything you need to sell online

Setting up and managing your online shop is easy with vSell. It's flexible, user friendly and full of features to help increase sales. Best of all, it comes with free technical support. We've designed it to be high quality yet affordable, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who have big ecommerce ambitions but limited time and limited budget.

Let us take care of the technology while you focus on growing your sales and maximising revenue.

Features & Benefits

Flexible design templates and instant updates

Our experienced designers create stunning templates to showcase your products and create an eye-catching storefront. Once your site is up and running you’re in complete control – our content management system vCMS enables you to handle any changes yourself, from updating your branding to adding new products. There’s no waiting for external agencies and no coding. It’s quick, easy to use and any changes you make are consistent across your site.

Fully customisable product options

You have complete control over how you classify your products. Set your own categories and product features, using the unlimited number of bespoke attributes available. vSell’s smart product categorisation helps your customers search by product type, and you can add associated and misspelt search terms to ensure they quickly find what they're looking for.

Unlimited product uploads and inbuilt upselling

You can upload an unlimited number of products to your ecommerce site at no additional cost. Apply promotions, vouchers and special offers instantly to individual products, categories or across your product range, and use our inbuilt cross-selling options to help to maximise sales. Simply link multiple items which your customers may be interested in when browsing and they appear on the designated product page. Changes are quick and easy, so you can swiftly adjust links for varying stock levels or to support new trends.

Inbuilt SEO

All our pages have inbuilt SEO functionality, enabling you to optimise each page as you create it and helping search engines to find and list your products. This ensures your website is highly rated without the need for separate SEO activity.

Instant sales and inventory information across multiple channels

Get an immediate and detailed view of sales and stock levels from a single dashboard, with any changes to your website and inventory instantly displayed. vSell also integrates seamlessly with our vChannel multichannel software (add link), which enables you to manage stock and sales across other channels such as Amazon and eBay alongside your ecommerce site. It will also handle multiple currencies and support email marketing campaigns and promotions.

Amazon Developer ebay compatible application

Advanced reports and analytics

vSell's user friendly reporting function provides in-depth analysis of sales and customer behaviour. Use its advanced customer segmentation to understand people's buying habits, so you can then adjust your product range, pricing structure and promotions to align with their needs and optimise sales. You can also create and export reports and charts to share with colleagues and suppliers.

Mobile friendly

Our ecommerce sites are fully responsive, which means that your customers get a consistent experience when browsing your store, whatever device they use.

A range of hosting options

We offer a range of hosting options to suit different needs and budgets, from fully hosted solutions for smaller businesses to bespoke installation for large websites. Contact us to discuss the options available.

Expert technical support

Our experienced team provide free technical support to ensure that your ecommerce site is always working hard for you. Our three locations in the UK and India enable us to provide support between 6am and 8pm, as well as over Bank Holidays and the Christmas/New Year period, which can be peak sales times for many businesses.

Payment systems

We work with variety of payment options like PayPal, PayPal Payment Pro, Barclay Card (ePDQ) and Payment Sense.

Want to know more?

If you're a small or medium-sized business and are serious about growing your online business, contact us now for a no-obligation discussion.

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