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LAMP - PHP MySQL Application Development Technologies

Rack up the top-notch standard of development with our robust and scalable application using LAMP & OOPs based augmentation.

PHP is considered to be the most popular & most widely user open source web development technology. Nowadays php is gaining huge ground in market and its considered to be as most efficient, faster and easy to get result oriented output. It's also known as LAMP – combination of Linux, MySQL and Apache. Lots of supporting frameworks are available in market which product, reliable, bug free, faster web application.

Varistha has a dynamic team who can influence the time and cost saving advantages of open source technologies to deliver full-featured, scalable and thrifty web solutions. Our condensed knowledge and extensive experience have earned accolades of working on developing complex custom application for various companies across different industry verticals.

Benefits of PHP technology

  • Free to use, no hassles of purchasing license.
  • Faster turnaround, Highly reliable, secure and quicker development time.
  • Free to upgrades, cheap hosting, easy to migrate.
  • Pure open source with wide tools, extension, plugins, framework available in market.
  • Lots of code libraries available, which enhance in functionality

Varistha can assist you in following verticals-

  • E-Stores and E-commerce oriented web-based Application
  • Sales Automation and CRM Solution
  • Online Communities, society systems, social bookmarking and blogging systems
  • Online Hotel Booking and Comparison system
  • Auctions and Reverse Auction
  • Payment systems and payment gateways integration
  • Online Booking & Quote Engine systems
  • Realty and Real Estate systems

Varistha has undertaken projects in following technologies

  • FRAMEWORKS - CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, YII
  • TEMPLATE ENGINES - Smarty, PHP Template
  • OPEN SOURCE - Magento, WordPress
  • AJAX FRAMEWORKS - Prototype, JQuery, Yahoo UI Library
  • DATABASES - MySQL 5.x, PostgreSQL

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