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Varistha’s proprietary products are game changers. When combined with our tailored approach, we offer a clean and compact solutions that are efficient and require less maintenance in the long run while still supporting your goals.


Enterprise Content Management - vCMS

Our proprietary content management system allows you to fully customise your website and ensure security. Combine that with monitoring and support is an added advantage.


Ecommerce Solution - vSell

We provide a user-friendly ecommerce system to help your business. We also provide flexible design options and custom reports to help you understand and operate the businesses better.


Multi-Channel Selling - vChannel

Cross platform selling has never been easier. With vChannel, it is easy and cost-effective to manage your inventory on the fly.


Insurance Quote Engine - vQuote

Our comprehensive quote management engine is quick, detailed and easy to manage. You have total visibility over the quote generation process.


Medical Underwriting - vUnderwrite

An effective risk management solution to ensure the underwriting process is smooth and accurate. You have complete control over the assessment criteria.


Lettings Management - vLettings

Using this solution, you can manage your rental properties across various channels. This mobile app compatible solution is the bridge between tenants and the landlords in a harmonious relationship.


Risk Assessment - vRisk

vRisk is a risk assessment software used to conduct fast, accurate and consistent risk assessments and audits for your organisation.