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Let Us Handle Your Custom Website Development Services In Cheltenham

Varistha helps you in the entire journey, from taking your brief and developing initial concepts to creating a dynamic, attractive website.

Website Development Services Website Development Services Website Development Services

Your website is your business’s window to the world, so it's vital that it works hard for you. It needs to look good and be easy to navigate, so potential customers can quickly find the information they need. It should be easy to update, so you can keep it current and add new content at any time. And if you sell online, you want an easy to manage, attractive online store that will draw visitors in and provide upselling opportunities.

Varistha has all the skills you need to build your online presence. Our experienced team can guide you through the entire journey, from taking your brief and developing initial concepts to creating a dynamic, attractive website. They’re also skilled in UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design, enabling them to create sites that people will enjoy using. This means visitors will spend more time on your website or ecommerce site and are more likely to return.

We include a range of professional hosting options to ensure your site is always available, plus 24x7 technical support. This means you’re never on your own – our technical experts are always just a phone call away.

Complete control with our content management system

All our websites are based on our vCMS Enterprise Content Management System, which we’ll use to create a bespoke site for you. You can then manage the site yourself, as the CMS gives you complete control over everything you need to do, from editing and publishing content to reporting and analysis of website traffic. vCMS is user friendly and intuitive, packed with clever features that give you complete control over every aspect of your site with no need for coding.

Every good website starts with design. vCMS provides a range of templates and its WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor makes it quick and easy to adapt them to your requirements and branding before adding your text and visuals.

Of course, it’s also vital to refresh your website’s content regularly. As well as keeping customers engaged, new content is ranked more highly by search engines, so regular changes will help to increase both your site’s visibility and its appeal to visitors. vCMS has an intuitive interface which enables you to make changes quickly and smoothly whenever you wish, so your site always reflects the latest developments in your business. Create more pages, add new products or services, post a blog, offer downloadable content…..whatever you need to keep visitors engaged.

Inbuilt SEO

All our websites have an inbuilt SEO function, making it easy for you to optimise each page with key words to ensure your site ranks highly on organic search engine results. We also offer SEO support if you’d like us to manage the process for you.

Fully customisable user access

With vCMS you get fully customisable options for user access to your website. Each user can be assigned one or more roles, and the permissions for each role can be individually set so that each user can only view and create content at the level permitted by the administrator.

It also comes with a fully integrated workflow engine and procedures to manage user collaboration, so your team can work together to create, edit and approve content while you retain full control of what is published.

A personalised dashboard for total visibility

The dashboard feature in vCMS enables you to create personalised dashboard pages, similar to those in Google or Yahoo, which give you instant visibility of recent website activity. See everything from unique visitors to conversions and bounce rates at a glance, and track changes to help you understand how your website is performing over time.

Expert support always available

Before handing your site over to you, we’ll ensure you have all the skills you need to keep it updated. We also provide secure web hosting, with all information on a vCMS site stored in a database system which can only be accessed by the website itself. This protects your website content from common cyber attacks.

If you do have any issues, our experienced staff are always there if you need advice. We provide 24x7 technical support, so you can be confident that any problems can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Easy integration with ecommerce and multichannel software

If you’re an online retailer, integrate your site with our vSell ecommerce software and vChannel multichannel software , which provide everything you need to set up, manage and grow your online business across multiple channels.

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