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Insurance Quote Engine And Quote Builder Software In UK - vQuote

Our vQuote online quote engine speeds up the quotation process for highly complex services such as insurance

Insurance Quote Engine - vQuote Insurance Quote Engine - vQuote Insurance Quote Engine - vQuote

What is vQuote?

The vQuote online quote engine – providing a rapid response to drive business growth.

Generating online quotes for complex, highly regulated services like insurance is extremely time-consuming, and users expect a rapid response or they will go elsewhere. So, we've developed our vQuote online quote engine to speed things up for you. Automating the process means your potential customers receive a quick, accurate and competitive quote, while you can be confident that your response conforms to best practice and industry standards.

We've developed vQuote for the insurance sector, where it is used both in-house and by external insurance agents, but it can easily be adapted to other markets by our experienced technical team.

Features of vQuote

Rapid, best practice responses and managed risk

By automating insurance quote generation, our vQuote software enables you to process thousands of applications every day and rapidly generate competitive, risk managed responses. It is built on strict ORIGO standards, ensuring that you maintain best practice in a complex, highly regulated industry. vQuote integrates seamlessly with both your own direct quote pages and external insurance portals so you can extend your reach and generate more business opportunities.

Instant decisions and total visibility

By automating the quotation process, you can provide applicants with instant decisions, enabling your workforce to be more productive. All applicants receive a illustration in PDF format, with both illustration and quote web pages fully branded to your specifications to present a professional image of your company. Our Designated Advisor Centre tracks quotes and monitors applications, giving you full visibility of every stage of the process.

Full control of products and acceptance criteria

With vQuote you control your quote acceptance criteria, so you can quickly adapt them to suit changing circumstances. Because you set the criteria, you can manage your risk effectively. You can also create products at any time and manage their attributes, making it quick and easy to launch new products.

Generating added value

vQuote can be integrated with our medical underwriting system, vUnderwrite, to automate the underwriting process and further speed up the process of providing insurance quotes.

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Success story

Rapid business growth at insurance company

Implementing vQuote in conjunction with vUnderwrite enabled one of our clients to generate 734,000 quotes in one month for income protection insurance and receive over 500 new business applications. By integrating vQuote with the key insurance quote portals and their own website, they have been able to extend their reach and significantly increase their presence in a very competitive marketplace.

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