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Multi-Channel Selling - vChannel

For customers wanting to sell in more locations than just their online store, we have created vChannel, our online multi-channel eCommerce management platform.

Multi-Channel Selling - vChannel Multi-Channel Selling - vChannel Multi-Channel Selling - vChannel

What is vChannel?

vChannel multi-channel integration - a single interface to manage all your online sales.

We developed our vChannel multi-channel platform for organisations who want to sell in more locations than just their online store. It gives you real time management of everything from inventory to order fulfilment across multiple channels, so you spent less time on technology and admin and more time developing your business. It’s also fully mobile optimised for sales on the go.

Let our tools and expertise help you fulfil your potential as an independent online retailer.

Features & Benefits of vChannel

Streamlined sales across multiple platforms

Selling on external marketplaces is a great way to build your customer base with no upfront marketing costs, but keeping track of them all can be a challenge. That's where vChannel comes in. With vChannel it's easy to create and manage multiple listings across a range of popular retail channels, including Amazon, eBay, Fruugo, Rakuten and Cdiscount, giving you international reach whatever your location. There's no duplication of effort and you can manage everything from a single, easy-to-use interface.

We are an approved eBay and Amazon integrator, so you can access Amazon-accredited software and stay totally up to date with any changes to Amazon selling conditions.

Real-time inventory and pricing management

With vChannel you get real-time inventory management across all your online sales channels. You can manage all your orders from one place, monitor stock levels in real time, and drill down into the sales details for specific marketplaces whenever you wish.

vChannel includes an inbuilt currency convertor and supports single or variation products. Its price monitor records the default product price and allows you to change this in any or all marketplaces at any time, so special offers and promotions are easy to manage.

Streamlined order fulfilment process

Fulfilling orders is quick and easy with vChannel. It automatically generates chronological pick lists, then creates invoices and shipping labels that reflect the order of the pick list. Your team spend less time on admin and more time getting orders out to your customers.

SEO and mobile optimised

Mobile-optimised websites are part of the vChannel package. It also includes inbuilt SEO, with search engine optimised URLs and item titles to increase your chances of being highly ranked in search engine results.

Manage marketing and promotions

To help you optimise your online sales, vChannel includes inbuilt email marketing tools and promotions modules.

How to Streamline your eCommerce business

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