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Implementing ISO 27001 to ensure your organisation and its assets are safe from the cyber-threat

Implementing ISO 27001 to ensure your organisation and its assets are safe from the cyber-threat

Published on 15 Apr, 2021

Security is an important aspect to any organisation, and keeping the data, records and any personal/sensitive information from stakeholders of that organisation is vital. The threats to the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data can result in the complete collapse of a business. No organisation is immune to the threat of poor or lack of security surrounding information. Information, of which, does not want to be shared and fall into the wrong person hands.

Typically, what organisations can do is safeguard their policies to the international standard which provides a framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). In the case of security of your organisation and all its assets, the most up to date framework is the ISO 27001. This framework includes effective risk and quality management procedures so there is a proper evaluation of the business. The organisation can then audit itself regularly over time allowing for the safeguarding to be more thorough.

Varistha designed vRisk to speed up the risk assessment process for ISO 27001 compliance. By accessing the built-in ISO 27001 risk assessment templates, you can automate the auditing process, record, and track the status of your organisation as you implement the mandatory and discretionary elements of ISO/IEC 27001. This enables you to manage risk effectively while reducing administrative and auditing time.

The threat is a possibility no matter what the size of your organisation, as you will still have information of your stakeholders that you can’t risk being stolen. This is why the ISO 27001 package is important and allows for your organisation to manage your compliance needs into one easy to use software package.

While the effective implementation of cyber security software solutions and security controls is essential, they can easily be compromised by a piece of human error or mistake from a worker sharing sensitive information unknowingly (e.g. leaving a work computer on). That is why policies, procedures, and training are required for effective risk management and to develop good practices.

vRisk is an ISO 27001 risk assessment software used to conduct fast, accurate and consistent ISO 27001-compliant risk assessments and internal audits for your organisation. Varistha can incorporate this software quickly and efficiently with little stress so you can ensure that you are taking every measure in protecting your organisation. This isn’t software only for the big fish, every organisation should be reviewing their processes and there’s no reason why it should be so time-consuming and filled with any strain.

The vRisk software is easy to navigate and comes with templates that you can control to the degree that your organisation feels necessary. It also allows for any internal and external audits so your measures can be reviewed by more people, improving the quality standards and measures that are in your organisation. As with any software product we have at Varistha, we are very proud of the easy-to-use interface and up to date technology making it easy for your corporation to navigate around.

Our team are always readily available for a conversation on any further information or queries may have.

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