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The Goldilocks Solution – not too big, not too small

The Goldilocks Solution – not too big, not too small

Published on 01 Nov, 2018

When my eldest son learnt about space at school, it was a really exciting time for him. We talked about meteorites, stars, the probability that aliens existed (very high!) and we discussed all the planets in our solar system. Mars was exciting, as it was red and we could see it in the evenings, Saturn had rings of ice and rock which was so cool, and Earth, well Earth was the Goldilocks planet.

I had never heard Earth referred to as such; a planet that is just right. Not too close to the sun and therefore too hot. Not too far from the sun, and therefore too cold. Earth had formed in exactly the right position to allow life to form.

The Goldilocks principle can be applied to many things; medicine, economies, marketing, maths… and businesses.

We feel at Varistha that we are a Goldilocks Solution; not too small to support our clients with continuously improving software technologies that transform their businesses, but not so big that we lose our personal accountability to each of our clients to support and champion their successes and growth.

Sometimes the best place to be, is right in the middle. We look forward to continuing to partner with our clients, supporting them to greater successes and investing in these relationships. And to continue eating porridge… obviously (the bears were on to something; oats are considered a superfood!)

If you are looking to collaborate, or wish to discuss how software solutions can enable your business growth; please get in touch at hello@varistha.co.uk.

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