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Why consumers value quality branding and can ensure their loyalty over time

Why consumers value quality branding and can ensure their loyalty over time

Published on 23 Nov, 2020

In the modern era of technology and digital media a consumer will pass by hundreds of different companies’ brands, in a day, throughout different means without even trying to. This means this person could only be looking at your brand for a matter of seconds so to pull them in to the story of what you do, how you do it and why you can be of use to them becomes increasingly important. Brands such as the McDonald's “M” and the Nike “tick” are brands we all have become so familiar with over time, not only because how great they are globally, but also because their branding is so on point. In these matters of seconds, which could always be more, there are so many checkpoints for a business to show, such as: quality, simplicity, a business's USP, what you do, what you sell, the latest product and much more.  The consumer will always rate the quality of the brand they perceive more so than anything else and is the most likely way to get them to contact to you. This can be through your website, social media, email or even a phone number. Whatever it may be already highlights how your brand can’t be one thing then the next, it has to show off your brand at a consistent level of high quality to keep the customer attracted.  

The need for companies to show high standards are remarkably important, especially if the customer is going to a relatively unknown business to them.  

Reinforcing the brand comes from every interaction that you have with a customer or client set to a high standard.  Here at Varistha we work extra hard to build these good customer relationships as it has an added benefit to us as well as you. We ensure our customers are cared for and that their demands, no matter how simple or intricate, are met every time. Over time we can then boast that our brand is reliable and no matter for what reason you come back to us, we will deliver what you need.  

As well as reinforcing the brand face-to-face (or in Covid times: monitor to monitor) we need to showcase our beliefs and brand throughout our different streamlines, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our website. For a lot of customers this is the first point of contact which makes it increasingly important that we are shown off in the manner we want and can “wow” the customer before they even make a purchase or enquiry. The very minimum we want could also come from customers coming on to our site and channels frequently to check out our latest news, blogs and testimonials. This way they can get to know the brand better over time for a potential purchase later on. 

At Varistha we ensure that the standards of our online software are matched to the demands of our own customers and clients. Our website and social media pages are the headquarters for any potential new customer, and if the quality of our sites isn’t high, then we are not representing ourselves in what we believe we are high tier in.  

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