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Why mobile apps in the modern era can improve your business and prove vital in selling your product or service

Why mobile apps in the modern era can improve your business and prove vital in selling your product or service

Published on 07 Apr, 2021

There seems to be a mobile app for almost anything these days and the ease to which consumers can use, navigate and store onto their own phone is very simple. The evolution of mobile and smart phones over the past couple of decades is a main reason as to why apps have been so popular and why businesses can reach their customers (and vice versa) 24/7. Whether you’re a small business trying to reap the benefits of a larger business or in fact trying to compete with larger companies, mobile apps are proving to be essential in carrying out business.

Research suggests 84% of UK adults, aged 16+, own a smartphone in 2020. Considering that most people always carry their devices with them, this poses an incredible opportunity for businesses to use a mobile app to reach their customers. The ease of which to carry a smartphone around compared to a laptop or computer is one of the main reasons for this. People are now able to conduct business and look at businesses on the go making it all very convenient to use.

Apps provide a simple way for consumers and businesses to connect. Through the medium of push notifications and a direct messaging service this is a key way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and allows communication to be streamlined both quickly and efficiently. Your company can send notifications to customers to alert them of offers or news about your business. Direct messaging makes it easy for customers to contact someone whilst buying, potentially helping them to answer any questions they have about your product or service. If you’re a smaller business with less resources, you can always leave your own phone number or email address making it easy for them to contact you.

The age where a customer has to make a purchase of a product in a physical store has left us, with the evolution of smartphones and mobile apps the customer can buy from wherever they are. They no longer have to come to your physical location or log in to a computer. While websites can offer technically the same thing as to apps in this scenario, mobile apps can be of an advantage as the whole process onto the app platform would be quicker than using a website and also allows for your own personal details to be saved onto an app, making the processes far quicker and easier to use.

Providing a positive in-app experience can help build your brand value and engagement. More customers are likely to engage in loyalty programmes, notifications, in-app purchases and updated content. All these different elements lead to a more satisfied customer and overall experience of your business.

Varistha designs and delivers bespoke and affordable applications for global organisations in a wide range of sectors. We focus on developing customer-oriented software. Our developers begin by minutely analysing a client’s existing IT processes, so we understand what they need to accomplish. After creating a customised application, we carry out a thorough gap analysis to ensure complete compatibility between the client’s existing system and the new application. All applications are then thoroughly tested before deployment.

We are vigorous in our testing to ensure that you have the best quality application that can be provided allowing for you to showcase to your market. We also have developers in England and India working around the clock to provide you with 24/7 support should something go wrong. We have built strong relationships with clients over the years and makes it so crucial in developing the app to make it as high quality as possible.

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