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Why Social Media is a major marketing tool for your business

Why Social Media is a major marketing tool for your business

Published on 08 Feb, 2021

Think of an organisation or brand that you really enjoy, even beyond the point of their product or service, and what you’ll most likely see is how well they market themselves from a digital point of view. Now this might seem quite vague and normal upon businesses nowadays, but the real point is how you, as a business, should conduct yourselves online will play a pivotal role in gaining and keeping customers. Since we are in the era of technology it’s very appropriate for businesses to market themselves online and show off their culture and brand in the unique way they want to.

For any new or existing businesses social media is at the fore front of their marketing strategy. For a company to gain exposure they will need to use social media to gain followers and interactions towards the product or service they are offering. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being widely renowned and used globally it makes it very easy for a business to put themselves into the public eye and attract attention to their sites. These different social media platforms also allow for interaction between the company and the different followers and stakeholders making customer service so much easier. With social media marketing being very cost effective as well as widely scoped it would be inconceivable for a business not to take time over their social media site.

Obviously, the digital world is highly congested so the marketing on social media sites have to offer something of higher value or relevance compared to your competition. This gives businesses the opportunity to not only showcase their product but also their brand and culture. Sometimes the product may not bring the potential customer in straight away, but the different posts and design of a social media page can. For example, a company can create a culture around a professional, quality and artistic outlook, then they have a good chance of pulling an audience in, compared to a brand who were on the other end of this spectrum.

It’s far easier for a business to measure the success of marketing campaigns on social media with the number of likes, shares and comments attached to a post. Engagement from both the business and the follower allows for a community to be built around the brand and makes it more likely that the customer will be loyal towards your brand next time out. If you compared this to a television advert you couldn’t tell how many people were directly impacted (positively or negatively) with the campaign, whilst also being rather costly.

There are several different ways to go about marketing on social media which will be unique to the brand itself. It will take time to build a following and community, but a business will reap the benefits of staying consistent to their brand and regularly updating these pages. Social media is probably one of the most important marketing tools and one which is readily available to use straight away. It is simply not enough to just own a social media page for your business, but to go the extra yard to ensure that you are reaching out to as many potential customers as possible and creating that brand awareness. 

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