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Our vCMS Enterprise Content Management System gives you complete control over the design and content of your website, with expert technical support available 24x7.

Enterprise Content Management - vCMS Enterprise Content Management - vCMS Enterprise Content Management - vCMS

What is vCMS?

The vCMS enterprise content management system –complete control of your online presence

Creating and managing a professional website and adapting it as your business needs change is simple with our vCMS Enterprise Content Management System. It's user friendly and intuitive, packed with clever features that give you complete control over content and design.

vCMS comes with secure hosting and 24x7 technical support, so you get everything you need to manage your website in one powerful package. We also offer a suite of additional services, from eCommerce integration to social media marketing (SMM).

Benefits & Features of vCMS

Total control of content and design

When it comes to your business, you're the expert, so you know what you want to say and how you want your website to look. vCMS provides a range of templates and its WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor gives you complete control over both design and content. It's quick and easy to modify as your business needs change, so you can add new pages or update your branding whenever you wish.

Easy updates to keep users engaged and rankings high

It's vital to refresh your website's text and visuals regularly. As well as keeping customers engaged, new content is ranked more highly by search engines, so regular changes will help to increase both your site’s visibility and its appeal to visitors. vCMS has a user-friendly, intuitive interface which enables you to make changes quickly and smoothly whenever you wish, so your site always reflects the latest developments in your business.

Built-in workflow and version management

Collaboration and version management are straightforward with vCMS. Its fully integrated workflow engine includes procedures to manage user collaboration, so your team can work together to create, edit and approve content, while you retain full control of what is published.

A personalised dashboard

The dashboard feature in vCMS enables you to create personalised dashboard pages, similar to those in Google or Yahoo, which give you instant visibility of recent website activity. See everything from unique visitors to conversions and bounce rates at a glance, and track changes to help you understand how your website is performing over time.

Multiple user log-ins and permissions

With vCMS you get fully customisable options for user access to your website. Each user can be assigned one or more roles, and the permissions for each role can be individually set so that each user can only view and create content at the level permitted by the administrator.

Secure content and hosting

We provide secure web hosting for your vCMS website. All information on a vCMS site is stored in a database system which can only be accessed by the website itself. This protects your website content from common website attacks.

Inbuilt SEO

vCMS websites have an inbuilt SEO function, making it easy for you to optimise each page with key words to ensure your site ranks highly on organic search engine results. We also offer SEO support if you'd like us to manage the process for you.

Expert technical support 24x7

Our experienced staff are always there if you need advice. We provide 24x7 technical support, so you can be confident that any problems can be resolved quickly and effectively.

A full suite of services

All vCMS sites integrate smoothly with our vSell ecommerce and vChannel multi-channel retail software, enabling you to create a comprehensive online sales presence. Our other services include SEO management and social media marketing (SMM) to help you reach your target customers.

Case Study

eCommerce and CMS website - Galaxy Sports

The aim was to launch a website that could be managed and updated very easily by any of the team from anywhere in the world. We wanted not just a cool website but an on-line presence that works well in the search engines to keep our services visible and above our competitors.

Sathya’s team are brilliant at conceptualising, taking a brief from the customer, converting the ideas into a website whose content is contemporary, dynamic and a valuable element of the businesses where new and existing customers can find useful and relevant information.

Once the brief for the new Wrist Marketing website had been handed over, Varistha’s team started coding and generating screen shots to get the look and feel of the new site correct. Very quickly a theme developed and first drafts were being uploaded.

The finished article was delivered with a tutorial on how to operate the back-office which was, even for a novice, easy to use and feature rich so that every element of the site can be managed.

We now have a website that is orientated with our business and plays an active role in generating business.

Coupled with an excellent support service I can thoroughly endorse the products and services provided by Varistha.

Sam Jacobs, Company Director Galaxy Sports
Galaxy Sports

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